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Best Bagpipe Tutorial Book Available!


Packed with our articles from Modern Piping Volume 17-32, we are so excited to share our SECOND Secrets of Piping Book 2. This is a collection of all of our awesome tutorials from Volume 17-32 of the Modern Piping books but in one affordable book. We work really hard to give you the ins and outs of composition and piping never talked about before.

In this book you'll find articles on:

  • Music Production Set-Up Tips
    Recording and editing pipes with backing tracks...

  • One and the Same
    Is it a Jig? A Waltz? No wait, it's a 3/2 Hornpipe. Let's find out!

  • Hidden 9 Beats in 9/8
    Last volume we explored metric modulation on a 6/8 time signature, let's see what happens with 9/8's
  • Mental Wellbeing, and Your Approach to Music
    Our mental wellbeing and how we approach the music we play, can change our standard of performance.
  • Back to Basics
    Let's cover the fundamentals. Better fill up your coffee for this, you'll need it...

  • Follow the Grid
    Sometimes we must work outside the box in search of inspiration; Lincoln takes us through an alternate approach to composing.
  • Midi Mastery
    It's time to get our hands dirty and compose with our new skills...

  • Hidden Notes Revisited
    Some new developments in the extra notes of the Great Highland Bagpipes have come to light. Time to discuss!

  • Technical Singularity 2.0
    We revisit the exercises we explored in Vol. 14 from a new angle....
  • Practice Teaching Practice
    We explore the world of teaching and learning how to practice effectively....

  • Odd Time Signatures
    We dive into the mysterious world of odd meters to understand the use of both simple and compound beats in a bar...

  • The Medley and Its Evolution
    Danny takes us through the development of medley throughout history...

  • The Wall Which I Call Mind Over Matter
    Ciaren dives deep into the many overlooked issues with the physical aspects of playing the bagpipes.

  • Basics of Tuning
    Lincoln takes us through some of his methods of tuning the pipes to sound your best...

  • Chanter Tuning
    Lincoln takes us through the ins and outs of chanter tuning...

  • Finger Gymnastics
    Time for some finger gymnastics training! Lincoln takes us through the ropes...

About Secrets of Piping 2:

    We always keep learning - there is always that one more thing to learn. These sayings are ubiquitous in our art and it goes without saying, the journey of learning and understanding never ends. During the past few years, I've noticed that the more I composed, created and observed, the more I learned how little I knew about the music realm. Music is more malleable than I could have ever imagined, and a new perspective is gained with each lesson learned. 

    Over the past three years and sixteen Modern Piping volumes, we've covered a vast range of piping topics, each with its own importance and value in making you the complete musician. I have been constantly learning throughout this time, and as a result, some articles have been revisited and updated to reflect where I am at with them. Hidden Notes and Technical Singularity have been updated to include new things I have learned and further exercises for you to play through. 

    This book takes you through not only composition techniques but also music production, the history of medley construction, piping posture, having a healthy piping mindset, chanter and drone tuning, and the basics of bagpipe music theory. My particular favourite is the finger gymnastics article which takes you through my style of tuning phrases and how to build your own. 

    Joining us in this book are Modern Piping composers Ciaren Ross, Danny Hutcheson and Scott Wallace, who share a little bit of their expert advice through the various articles in the book. 

    My ultimate goal with these Secrets of Piping editions is to make you 'think' - see outside the box if you will, and cover things that aren't typically covered. They may take a couple of reads to understand but keep at it; some of these articles are quite advanced. As with previous articles, I try to make things fun and colour code things to make concepts easier to understand. I hope you enjoy this collection of articles as much as I have learning them myself, and it inspires new thoughts and perspectives on things that would once be considered resolute. Happy learning!

    - Lincoln Hilton

    Not sure? Have a look at one of our awesome books below: (this is a digital example)

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